About Us

Family Business

Salit Auto Repair is a family owned and operated service facility. Our reputation has been built upon outstanding customer service and attention to detail. Thank you for viewing our website and please give us a call or stop by for free advice and assistance.







Our Team



Victor has been with Salit Auto Repair almost from the beginning. He used to work in home construction before switching gears and becoming one of our most reliable mechanics. He specialized in home air conditioning so the transition was easy for him. He is definitely one of the hardest workers we know



We have known George for over 20 years. Before coming to work for Salit Auto he was in the auto business for over 15 years. His love and knowledge of cars is what makes him invaluable to us. When we needed to add on a service writer we knew who we wanted. You can find George in the garage streamlining the process for the vehicles that need repair as well as talking to customers on the sales side for Salit Auto Sales. In other words, George is the liaison in between Salit Auto Repair and Salit Auto Sales.

Our Company

Salit Auto Sales has proudly served the Central New Jersey area since 1995. We are a family owned and operated dealership. We are dedicated to honesty, reliability, and customer satisfaction. As a family run business, we at Salit Auto Sales have a direct interest in making sure that the best possible product reaches the consumer.

At many other dealerships the sales person that you may deal with today maybe gone tomorrow. That means, all the promises made to you may have left as well. This is a very common problem being that the auto industry has a very high sales person turnover rate. There are times that sales people will deliberately fabricate stories about a car’s history knowing full well that they are only looking to make a quick buck. This maybe in contrast to the company owner’s vision of how he/she would like to do business. Never the less, the buyer ends up with the short end of the stick either with a bad deal or with long and short term promises that can not be upheld.